Brand Safety On Social Media

The Mod for Agencies

The Mod keeps your clients’ paid and organic social campaigns safe by removing spam, trolls, and toxicity from comment streams 24/7/365.

Critical Support That Drives Value

The Mod‘s real-time social comment monitoring and support gives your team back time to focus on content, partnerships and optimizations that drive performance.

The Mod supports unlimited Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Built for Agencies

Agencies using The Mod

  • Hid profanity, solicitations, and sexual content
  • Saved 32 people-hours per week
  • Required off-hours moderation 71% of the time

Minimize risk and maximize trust

Assure your clients that trolls, competitors, and spammers won’t tarnish their reputation with profanity, unrelated solicitations and sexually explicit content.

Pre-Built and Maintained Protection

We constantly maintain our pre-built moderation lists so you don’t have to. Quickly assign our lists to your campaigns and hit the ground running.


Customizable For Your Client's Needs

Campaigns, influencers, and brands have varying needs and parameters. Modify built-in lists to your needs or create your own Custom lists.

Real-Time Protection, 24/7/365

60% of moderations are made after business hours so we built The Mod to support you 24/7/365. Ease into your nights, weekends, and holidays again.

How The Mod Works


The Mod‘s A.I. keyword filtering technology automatically hides ugly comments with toxic, predatory and hate-oriented keywords or phrases from everyone except the person who posted the ugly comment and their followers.


The Mod‘s dashboard makes it easy to manage comment moderation for all your accounts and platforms in one place. Built for individuals and agencies alike.


Remove annoying spam from your comment streams using The Mod‘s A.I. keyword filtering tech and our 1k-person human review team to keep your stream on-topic and relevant.


Respondology’s 1k-person U.S. based human review team examines and hides complex comments that contain sarcasm or other non-keyword oriented and nuanced hate that slips past A.I. keyword filtering tech. We have you covered 24/7, 365 days/year!

The Mod Thrives In Agency Environments

Multiple Clients, One Tool

Easily manage your entire client portfolio’s social comment presence in one tool, from moderation monitoring to reporting.


Cross-Functional Management

Coordinate digital, influencer, social media, and PR efforts across your internal teams and business units seamlessly.


Scalable Client Management

Manage clients securely as you build new business. Easily and privately manage, add, and remove social accounts.

“The Mod removes offensive, predatory, spammy and generally unwanted comments.”

“‘Don’t read the comments’ is good advice.  Respondology is changing that.”

Enjoy Agency-Only Features and Benefits

Unlock exclusive agency pricing

We make it easy for you to sell The Mod to your clients by offering agency-friendly pricing and price breaks with scale.


Internal sales resources

Access our resource center for customized internal sales materials you can use to sell to your clients. We help you generate and educate your leads.

Dedicated partner support

You get a dedicated account manager and access to top notch support to educate your team and help you scale faster.

Unlimited account additions

Add or remove accounts as your business ebbs and flows. As an Agency, there’s no limit to how many accounts you register and campaigns you run.

Experience All The Mod Has to Offer

Manage all social networks in one view

Create, edit, and assign comment moderation settings to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube from one window.


Advanced programming features

You run the show with advanced settings like auto-blocking repeat offenders and long comments.


Understand what they’re saying

Access comment-level moderation stats including username, message, moderation-type, and time of day.


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