AI + Human Review Gives Ultimate Brand Safety

It’s Monday morning and you find yourself scrolling on Twitter to view the most recent news of the day only to realize that yet again, another brand bites the dust when it comes to brand safety. Digital marketers and agency execs all want the same thing: to ensure their brand appears next to content that is safe.

One just has to read the headlines of the last few months to see that advertisers are fed up with smoke and mirrors and expect transparency and insight into where their dollars are going and what their brand is associated with. Brand safety is scarce and Respondology can be the safe harbor for ensuring your content is seen, viewed, and engaged with by the target audience you want.

Earlier this month, WSJ reported that P&G slashed their digital media spend by more than $200 million in 2017. P&G did this in effort to put pressure on “major technology platforms to help clean up the online ad market and fork over more information about the effectiveness of digital ads”. With every passing month we’re seeing the trend of brands moving dollars to Respondology’s Reply-Based Advertising™ as their desire for transparency and efficacy grows.

So why are they doing that and how does it work?

AI Filtering + Human Review = Safe Advertising

Step One – The Tech: Respondology utilizes AI filtering technology to identify social posts relevant for our brands.  That same automation also filters out all unsavory content such as hate speech, violence and the like.

Step Two – Humans: If a post gets through our technology, it is then reviewed by U.S. based and English-speaking humans before publishing to ensure your brand is next to safe content. Always.

Does Brand Safety Cost a Premium?

Some ad networks charge you a premium for the best, brand safe inventory. Even Facebook asks for a hefty commitment in ad-spend to ensure your ads go next to brand safe content. Not with Respondology. We believe brands shouldn’t pay more to advertise in relevant and safe waters.

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