MMM | Megan Fox’s Toxic Instagram Comment Stream

Apr 18, 2019

Who: Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an American actress and model who came out as Bi-Sexual in 2009.

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What’s the Matter

Since 2009, Fox has been a very vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights, most recently along with Taylor Swift highlighting Tennessee’s recent bills affecting the LGBTQ community on Instagram. She has received many hateful and toxic comments on her social posts related to the topic.


Our Take

With any controversial subject both impactful effective commentary and toxicity exist right next to each-other. This competition for the attention of followers makes it incredibly difficult to engage yet maintain a healthy conversation. This is where an appropriate moderation solution can make all the difference.

Effective moderation requires more than just basic AI/keyword detection. With nuance, irony, sarcasm, and various levels of debate, having human eyes analyzing commentary can ensure the conversations stays at a high quality.

Anytime an influential person takes a stance on a controversial subject they open themselves up across their entire social presence to scrutiny of all kinds; toxicity, hate, spam, doxing etc. which can not only be damaging to their careers but their mental health as well. Having effective moderation in place from the beginning ensures the risk of the viral nature of toxic commentary is mitigated from the start.


The Respondology Use Case

Our tool, The Mod, removes hate, spam, and other toxic comments from social media for anyone who needs it. We’ve coupled AI keyword filtering with a 1.5k+ US-based human moderation team to take care of comment moderation at any scale. Megan Fox could use The Mod to quickly and easily remove toxic and hateful comments that detract from conversation, leaving a healthy comment stream for productive conversation.

PDF Comment Analysis

Download our comment analysis of @daniellecohn’s Instagram comment feed for the last 30 days.

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Respondology is a company made up of 20+ year digital advertising veterans who helped brands place their ads in content-safe locations within social media.  After witnessing the increasing online hate, we decided it was time to repurpose our platform for something positive in this world.  Technology for good.

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