MMM | Matt Roloff Details Toxicity Received On Instagram

May 6, 2019

Who: Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff has a lot of titles including author, farmer and entrepreneur, but is best known as an actor performing with his family on the TLC show, Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family’s daily life.

Social Account:

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What’s the Matter

In a recent post featuring his family on Instagram, Matt expresses his disappointment with select commenters trolling him and his family in comment streams with nasty, hateful and toxic comments. He states, “I don’t allow four letter name calling (swear words) or unnecessary mean comments about Amy, or any of my family or friends.” His solution to this problem is to delete comments and block accounts that post such hateful comments. But, he also explains that he “can’t possibly catch and delete every mean spirited comment” because he does not have a “hired gun to manage [his] social media accounts” and frankly does not have enough time in his day to do so as a one-man team.


Our Take

Matt Roloff explicitly states he dislikes mean comments about Amy, his family and his friends. Similar to our report on Lexi Thompson, Matt has already been deleting toxic comments, which makes it difficult for us to find specific examples with our toxicity tracking tool. Regardless, Matt expressed any number of toxic comments (even as low as 0.8% as our tool found) is a pain point for him.

Here’s a couple quick stats. You can download our PDF report below for more.

  • Follower Count: 450k
  • Comments/Month: >8k
  • General Toxicity: 0.8%
    • Sexual References: 7%
    • Swearing: 85%
    • Controversial Subjects: 5%


The Respondology Use Case

With The Mod, Matt wouldn’t have to worry about toxic comments in his comment streams. His one-man team would essentially turn into a 1.5k-person team of U.S.-based comment moderators removing any nasty comments in seconds. Matt can customize his keyword lists to automatically block the worst of the worst, then for comments that allude our Artificial Intelligence, the our Responders (human moderation team) would take care of the rest.

Perhaps the best part of The Mod‘s features for Matt is the ability to autohide comments from repeat offenders. With The Mod activated, Matt can rest easy and focus on the things that matter in his life, like friends, family, work and other life events.

PDF Comment Analysis

Download our comment analysis of Matt Roloff’s Instagram comment feed for the last 30 days.

Respondology is a company made up of 20+ year digital advertising veterans who helped brands place their ads in content-safe locations within social media.  After witnessing the increasing online hate, we decided it was time to repurpose our platform for something positive in this world.  Technology for good.

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