MMM | @TheGarciaDiaries Discusses Hate Received By Moms On Social Media

May 13, 2019

Who: Bethanie Garcia

Mother of four children and wife to her high school sweetheart, Bethanie Garcia (@thegarciadiaries) is an Instagram influencer and mom blogger with nearly 85k followers.

Social Account:

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What’s the Matter

The featured image above displays a recent post made on May 4th, 2019 by Bethanie Garcia describing the hate she receives on social media from trolls. She highlights toxic comments criticizing the women’s postpartum bodies that they show off in their picture.

Garcia states she posted the photo “to show that all body types are beautiful.” However, her posts meant to empower women and moms have turned into fields for haters and trolls to spew unhealthy and non-conversational criticism. And having received “over 2000+ messages and comments filled with hate,” as reported by ABC15, proper moderation becomes a full-time job.


Our Take

Like many influencers, Garcia is a family woman and a mom blogger that attracts a large following. The common theme in the life blog space is to post about one’s life (including pictures of family, friends, and children) to followers on Instagram. Garcia, like many others in this influencer category including Matt Roloff, desires a healthy comment stream for her all-ages followers to benefit from. It’s understandable that Garcia finds it frustrating that trolls interfere with her community goals and standards.

We ran Garcia’s @thegarciadiaries handle through our comment analysis tech and found the following stats. You can download our PDF report below for more.

  • Follower Count: ~83k
  • Comments/Month: ~3.6k
  • General Toxicity: 0.5%
    • Sexual References: 24%
    • Swearing: 62%
    • Controversial Subjects: 7%


Note: Our comment audit tool only searches keyword-oriented hate speech. Bethanie Garcia does a great job at moderating her comments from a keyword standpoint — such a great job that it was tough for us to find significantly hateful comments in our audit. However, managing 2,000+ hateful comments is a mentally taxing full-time job. As we discuss in the next section, that’s where we think The Mod comes in: to save Garcia the heartache.


The Respondology Use Case

At Respondology, we know that managing thousands of public comments in real time is a nearly impossible task, especially for busy influencers and mothers like Garcia. And while the popular opinion is to “let the haters hate,” as described by WSB-TV, we disagree.

The comments Garcia highlights in her post are the most difficult for A.I. and keyword filtering to catch. Therefore, traditional moderation tools available to influencers on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook fail to moderate nuanced toxicity. That’s why The Mod‘s 1k+ U.S.-based human moderation feature is so important.

Garcia would use The Mod‘s pre-made and consistently maintained A.I. keyword filtering lists to filter out the worst of the worst. She can add custom keywords on an at-need basis, and for toxicity that slips past tech, use our human moderation team to hide the rest. With The Mod, Garcia’s comment streams would be hate-free and her community once again able to be a healthy space to empower women and moms across social media.

PDF Comment Analysis

Download our comment analysis of @TheGarciaDiaries’ Instagram comment feed for the last 30 days.

Respondology is a company made up of 20+ year digital advertising veterans who helped brands place their ads in content-safe locations within social media.  After witnessing the increasing online hate, we decided it was time to repurpose our platform for something positive in this world.  Technology for good.

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