MMM | @daniellecohn Receives Too Much Social Media Hate

May 20, 2019

Who: Danielle Cohn

Danielle “Dani” Cohn is a 15 year old actress, model, and artist with over 11 million followers across her social media channels.

Social Account:

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What’s the Matter

A 15 year old child influencer receives an enormous amount of hate on all of her social media posts across platforms Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Reported in a 2018 BuzzFeed article, Danielle feels as though she is “one of the most hated teens on Instagram” as she is very aware of it, claiming it is because of the way she dresses, acts and dances in her social media posts.

Danielle’s mother, Jen, manages her brand partnerships and 11 million follower base full-time. Despite her effort to curb hatred and toxicity online, it’s not enough. The toxicity continues for the teenager as she is determined to grow and develop her career.


Our Take

It’s saddening to see a child receive so much social media hate. The effect on Danielle’s mental health and the negative effect on her family’s livelihood could be massive. Widespread negativity is never a great place for a brand to advertise products, so brand sponsorship opportunities for Danielle are fewer and further between. Moreover, when an influencer nets thousands of comments on each post of their’s, comment moderation becomes nearly impossible for a small team to take care of on its own.

We ran Danielle’s @daniellecohn handle through our comment analysis tech and found the following stats. You can download our PDF report below for more.

  • Follower Count: ~3.5m
  • Comments/Month: ~130k
  • General Toxicity: 1% or ~38,000 comments
    • Sexual References: 35%
    • Swearing: 47%
    • Anti-LGBTQ References: 8%


The Respondology Use Case

The Mod is a very important, perhaps life-changing tool, Danielle Cohn and her mother Jen could very easily implement across their Instagram, YouTube and Facebook social channels. They would leverage our A.I. keyword filtering for a large majority of the toxic comments that flow to Danielle’s account. Our team of U.S.-based human moderators would quickly hide the remaining hateful comments that contain nuanced language and other non-specific language.

We encourage to check out the ugliness of Danielle’s commenter’s comments via the PDF report below. Pay close attention to the “Example Comments” section contained within. At Respondology, we highly value the mental health of our children and do not feel hate has a home on any child’s social media stream. We encourage families and children of any following to use The Mod to combat childhood cyberbullying. Please reach out — we can help.

PDF Comment Analysis

Download our comment analysis of @daniellecohn’s Instagram comment feed for the last 30 days.

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