Make Social Media Not Suck

The Mod for Individuals

Our Individuals plan is perfect for humans who want to keep social posts non-toxic by automatically removing spam, trolls, and bullies from their comment streams.

Manage Social Comments with Ease

The Mod makes finding, managing and reporting toxic social comments easy. It works every moment of every day, so you enjoy a clean social presence 24/7/365. 

Respondology supports content creators across:

Built for Individuals

30 Influencers Using The Mod

  • Encountered and hid toxicity after business hours
  • Required human moderation 50% of the time
  • Saved 20 people-hours each week

Publish content with confidence

You work hard to provide your followers with the best content. Don’t let the trolls, bullies, and spammers tarnish it.


We've Done The Naughty Research

Subcribe to pre-built and managed moderation lists containing the latest hateful and spammy terms. We did it so you don’t have to.


Customizable For Your Brand's Needs

Tailor The Mod to your specific needs with Custom moderation lists. Because, you know, humans are different.

Our Team Has You Covered 24/7/365

Refocus your time on what matters: producing content, building brand partnerships, doing life. The Mod works ’round the clock!

How The Mod Works


The Mod‘s dashboard makes it easy to manage comment moderation for all your accounts and platforms in one place. Built for individuals, brands, and agencies alike.


The Mod‘s A.I. keyword filtering technology automatically hides ugly comments with toxic, predatory and hate-oriented keywords or phrases from everyone except the person who posted the ugly comment and their followers.


Remove annoying spam from your comment streams using The Mod‘s A.I. keyword filtering tech and our 1k-person human review team to keep your stream on-topic and relevant.


Respondology’s 1k-person U.S. based human review team examines and hides complex comments that contain sarcasm or other non-keyword oriented and nuanced hate that slips past A.I. keyword filtering tech. We have you covered 24/7, 365 days/year!

It’s Your Comment Stream. Curate It Easily.

All your social networks in one view

Create, edit, and assign comment moderation settings to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from one window.


Advanced programming features

You run the show with advanced settings like auto-blocking repeat offenders and long comments.


Report bad actors

Access comment-level moderation stats including username, message, moderation-type, and time of day.


These Humans Are Living Easy

Having a service that can clean and curate my comment stream and thus drive more positive engagement is invaluable to me.

JJ Yosh

Influencer, @jjyosh

It’s done amazing things for my social media environment and I know you guys will love it too.

Ronnie Zazzaro

Influencer, @p.ronnie.z

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