It’s Not Too Late to Start a Holiday Marketing Campaign

It’s no secret that the holidays represent a huge sales opportunity that only comes once a year.  Restaurants are often among the biggest winners this time of year: increased reservations, customers willing to spend more freely, less time for cooking at home, and travel to visit friends and family in unfamiliar places.  To ensure that you are capturing both planned and unplanned spending, consider the following marketing and sales tools this holiday season.

Navigation Apps: Features like zero-speed takeovers and logo inclusion along driving routes.  Here’s how it works. When drivers come to a complete stop, they receive a message from your restaurant.  Meanwhile, as they proceed down the route on the map, your restaurant logo appears.  This allows drivers to see their proximity to your restaurant without the need to search or take their eyes off the road.

Replay-Based Advertising: When it comes to capturing impulse decisions to dine out, or travelers just passing through, giving potential guests what they want in real time is critical.  With Reply-Based Advertising, your brand sends a direct response to someone who just posted a want or need on Twitter.  Using keywords and emojis to measure interest and intent, Reply-Based Advertising reaches guests immediately, in a meaningful way.

Social Ads: Checking social media as a passenger in the car is a natural way to pass the time.  Every time those apps are opened, their location is known.  That makes it easy to serve sponsored content and ads for businesses in the area.  By running geo-targeted social ads, you make certain that your restaurant is part of the travelers’ consideration set.

Programmatic Video: Once considered cost-prohibitive for small and medium-sized businesses, there is now a self-serve platform that provides premium, affordable digital advertising.  Since video has the highest engagement online, it’s a great way to share information.

Digital marketing is one of the more effective and easy-to-use methods for reaching new guests this holiday season.  Whether a national restaurant chain, a regional gem, or a corner coffee shop, each of these tactics require very little work for the restaurant or brand, and yield a significant return on investment. And the best part is that they’re all quick to implement if you’re still looking for ways to drive some holiday traffic this season.