Twitter, It’s Important For Your Business

Twitter is all about connecting. It connects you with long lost friends. It connects strangers all using a similar hashtag while watching a sport or TV show. It connects businesses with potential employers. It connects journalists to an even bigger platform. It connects brands with current customers. And, if used correctly, it can help connect brands with new customers, just waiting to buy. If your business is still considering being active on Twitter, consider these three ways businesses can benefit:

Generate Online Sales Through Promotional Offers:

Twitter allows your business to generate sales easily through a one-click promotional method. The one-click method allows your business to attach an accessible link in a Twitter post for your follows to click and immediately be redirected to another page where you can attach coupons, create promotions, highlight individual products, etc. This method knocks down barriers and eliminates excuses your followers might encounter when trying to complete a sale.

Generate Awareness:

With Twitter, you are able to generate a loyal following and create brand awareness by utilizing hashtags and open communication. Hashtags help businesses in several ways:

  • Information under hashtags will be grouped together for users to explore and discover
  • They create a word-of-mouth persona and grow your business organically
  • They open a direct line of communication between followers and potential followers

Drive Traffic:

Using Twitter provides another medium for business to drive traffic to your website, which promotes your brand, generates awareness and eventually generates online sales. By increasing traffic to your businesses website and social media platforms, it increases the likelihood someone will end up buying something at the end.

Using Twitter will help generate sales, build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, ultimately growing your business and your following. Integrating Twitter into your overall marketing plan offers a new way to reach potential customers. But succeeding on Twitter involves more than just an organic strategy. To reach new customers with relevant messaging, consider Reply-Based Advertising.