What is Reply-Based Advertising™

We know people post on social media all the time. 100’s of millions of posts a day actually. The largest amount of those posts contain a want or a need from the consumer.

For example, Johnny says “I’m so hungry for 🍕”, while Casey says “I’m in need of a beach vaca. Who’s in? ☀️🏖” Each one of them is expressing their desires, in real-time, and hoping someone responds and gives them what they want.

As Adam Edelman, Chairman at Boulder Heavy Industries, says, “Social posts are the largest pool of untapped digital ad inventory out there right now.”  And he’s right. Millions of consumers are expressing their wants and needs right now and the opportunities for brands are there for the taking. The best way to capitalize on this is through Reply-Based Advertising.

What is Reply-Based Advertising?

Simply put, Reply-Based Advertising is this:

  1. Someone posts a want or need in social.
  2. An advertiser responds with a message matching their need.
  3. A sale is made or branding moment experienced.

Reply-Based Advertising campaigns monitor millions of social posts in real-time and respond directly to a consumer who expresses a want or need related to your brand with an offer or branding message. The technology behind it all combines the best of artificial intelligence and human review, which ensures brand safety and correctly matches intent so that real messages receive real replies.


So when Johnny said, “I’m so hungry for 🍕”, Papa Johns can reply to him 1:1 in real-time and say, “We can help you with that! Get 50% off your order here: pj.socialof.fr/102938”. What results from that is a genuine sale and a delighted customer.

What are the results?

These campaigns deliver a stronger CTR and higher engagement rates than all other digital media ad units, including paid social. In fact, all brands utilizing Reply-Based Advertising saw an average 13% CTR in 2017. This is a source of inventory that’s untapped and the results are there for the taking.

How do you setup a campaign?

Setting up a campaign is similar to that of Google Adwords and can be done in 5 simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Upload keywords and set all targeting, pacing, and budgets
  3. Upload pre-approved text & images for replies
  4. Securely authorize your social handle
  5. Launch

Who’s using it?

The most common verticals utilizing Reply-Based Advertising are Restaurants, Travel, Entertainment, Retail, and Health & Wellness. While Reply-Based Advertising is not limited to those industries, there is a natural affinity of consumers to brands within those categories.

Replying to social posts is the largest pool of untapped digital ad inventory in the world. Time to respond.